Allow me to introduce myself, I am Jerry "Col. Winky" Kegley. I have been painting miniatures for more then 30+ years in one form or another, starting with car kits then moving to 1/32 scale military, on to 25 mm role playing figures and finally 15, 28/30 mm fantasy, Sci Fi and historic miniatures.

  I started painting figures for fellow gamers on commission in the 80's. The commissions have kept coming in over the years and the end result in true entrepreneurial fashion, is a miniature painting service for the collector, war gamer and role player. 

  Take a look around my site, check out the gallery and if your so inclined let Colonel Winky bring your warriors to life.

Thanks for your time,

Jerry "Colonel Winky" Kegley

Customer Feedback:
"When it comes to miniature painting, Jerry is THE BEST! His attention to detail is immaculate and and the level of realism he is able to create brings the miniatures to life. He has exceeded my expectations in every one of the dozens of miniatures he's painted for me. Highest recommendation possible!"
Douglas Equils

 "Got in my game today. And it's all that I hoped it was going to be."
Eric Stewart - Super Dungeon Explore project 

  "Economic times are hard on us all and war gamers are not exempt. One of our members is fighting back by opening a painting service. He is HMGS/PSW member, Bengal Club founder, friend of many of us and can be trusted to get you your mini’s on time, and in tip top “Bristol” fashion! No need to ship them off to some far away land to be painted by a chained pygmy who only last week was painting flowers on pots…. Have someone who really knows what a “Scottish Highlander” really looks like paint yours! Col. Winky is taking orders for Historical-Fantasy-Sci/Fi in all scales. Colonial’s a specialty! I’ve seen his work and its A-OK!" 
Bill Witthans, Former President - HMGS Pacific South West

"Folks, I have some of Jerry’s (actually a whole boatload) paint jobs on WW2 28mm figures — and I have to say I am more than pleased by the job he does. The Waffen SS figures are my favorite, even if I hate Nazis as a general rule (you have to have them to play the game; you don’t have to dress up like them and run for Congress though)…
Anyhow, good stuff. Good luck with the “new” venture, Colonel!"
Matt Denny, Bengal Club, CA / HMGS Pacific South West 

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