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Welcome to Colonel Winky's Warriors:

This page is set up to help guide clients through the process of commissioning a project. The Highlighted lettered sections are the decisions you’ll need to make regarding your order. 

Jerry Kegley (Sole Proprietor / Client Relations) 

Mailing address: 
18014 Sherman Way #275
Reseda, CA 91335

Phone Number 
(818) 457-4829



Receiving A Quote:
Send me a list of what you would like painted. Be sure to tell me if the models to be painted will be assembled. Let me know how they are primed or if they need to be primed (black or white). 

I will send a Project Analysis via email outlining all costs. You can alter, amend, or eliminate any items as you see fit. It's up to you as the client to tell me what you want and give the go-ahead. 

What is my product:   
Before you set up a commission, be sure to check out the photos on this site. I do not post my best work and deliver something different. If you like what you see, you will like what you receive. That is what you are buying. I am proud of the quality of my work and enjoy the opportunity to display it. 

My prices are dependent on the amount of detail a given customer will want (see photo gallery), and the time it will take to complete a given miniature. Generally speaking for a basic gaming quality figure, I charge $15.00 – $20.00 a figure for 25 – 30 mm foot. That would include base colors, washes and simple highlights (dry brush etc.) Mounted 25 – 30 mm would run $20 – $30 per figure for the same type of service. 20mm run $10.00 to $15.00 per figure for foot,  Anything smaller then 20mm or larger then 30mm would need a price quote. Please remember the prices quoted above are for basic game ready miniatures, if you require or want additional detail on your miniatures this is not a problem, but please be advised there will be additional costs. 

Priming, prepping and basing are all separate charges (see below).

Matching Existing Work:
There have been times when I've been asked if I can match or duplicate work done by other painters. I can match color schemes. In most cases I can do a nice job of matching work. However, I do not guarantee that it will turn out exactly the same. Colonel Winky's Warriors has his own style. If you are worried about matching as closely as possible, you should send a sample model.

Getting Started:
I require half the total cost of the agreed upon project as a down payment before I start any project

You can expect your project to get done as fast as I can depending on the size and number of projects I have on hand. I am a one man shop and time is of the utmost importance.  If you have a deadline or need your models faster, I will be glad to try and accommodate you within reason if you bring it up before the project is started. However, I do not guarantee delivery by a certain date, only that I will make a concerted effort.
​Due to circumstances beyond my control (eg multiple large projects, sick artists), projects are sometimes delayed 1-2 weeks, sometimes as long as 3-4 weeks. It is up to you to be kind and patient and let the process work through.

In the rare instance that a project goes past 12 weeks. I ask that clients not complain until after eight weeks. If this outside limit is passed I will typically (but not always) give some kind of consideration for the delay. 

There are no cancellations. Once the deposit is paid you are committing to seeing the project through to completion, even if the time goes past the eight weeks.

A - Sending your models:
When you are sending me models, please get them to me at least a week or two before the scheduled start of the project. This will allow me to get the prep work done.

Pack your models well. However, if any are broke I will repair them for a nominal charge. I repair up to ten breaks at no charge and without giving you any complaint-- we ask for the same consideration on your end. 

Please put small parts into larger envelopes/containers/baggies so that they are not lost. 

Please send an invoice detailing what is supposed to be in your package. You don't have to do this, but it helps.

When you send your models, you will get an email of "confirmation of receipt" within a few business days. I make a rough inventory of what I received.  Please note; When you send me your models you will be responsible for the costs of shipping them to me. I will accept models shipped directly from a retailer. 

When sending models to Colonel Winky's Warriors, please address them to: 
Colonel Winky's Warriors
c/o Jerry Kegley
18014 Sherman Way #275
Reseda, CA 91335

B - Priming
Prep & Priming 
Prior to sending figures you must decide if you will prep and prime your figures or if you would like me to do so. 

Figures should be cleaned with warm soapy water and left to dry. When prepping, flashing and mold lines should be removed with a sharp craft knife or file, gaps are filled, and joints are pinned if needed. I charge $15.00 a hour for figure prep.

Priming is subjective and there are many that come down on both sides of the black vs. white side of the fence. To tell you the truth, I use both and I make my decision based on what overlying colors are to be applied on the model. For me white = bright, black = dark. This is where it ends for me as I have only ever used black or white. If you do decide to prime your own figures you should use a sand-able metal primer  

I’ve seen the colored primers, but have not used them. This does not mean that I would not be willing to give them a try if a client decided that he/she wanted to use them. 

Priming charges are $0.50 a figure for the first 50 models, $0.75 for the for any over the first 50. This is for figures 20 mm and larger, smaller figures are half off. Very large figures would be subject to a quote. 

C - Basing: 
Please decide if you would like me to base your figures or not. Basic bases come at no charge if the model has a base as part of the casting. This is part of the painting cost of any order, no matter what Level. Alternate edging color is available for any style on request. 

Decorations are $1.50 per base. This would include any figure mounted on a slota base or separate base not part of the original casting. This would entail a textured ground cover (flocking) or sand covered base.

Specialty bases are more involved and would need a price quote per individual figure. Flying models or unit basing would need a price quote per individual figure or unit.

D - Assembly:  
1) Assemble the models yourself 
2) Have us assemble the models 

If you assemble the models yourself, be sure you are happy with how they look. I'll be glad to do a few minor touch-ups, but if the whole army is badly cleaned up I'll paint over it or apply a minor charge to clean up each model ($0.50 to $1.25 generally). This also applies to models that arrive broken. 

If you would like me to assemble your models, there is a small charge for this dependent on the number and size of the figures (10.00 an hour generally)

Project Done!  
When a project is done, I will take pictures. An army generally will get 10-20 pics taken. Before your models are sent, you will get an email with shots of your models. You will need to reply to the email with a request for alteration or an approval. I am willing to make alterations or touch up minor errors. 

In your final Paypal payment, please send instructions regarding shipping. Anything not in the notes of the final Paypal payment might be overlooked. 

You do not pay for your models if you don’t like them. However, we only refund in the form of a store credit. 

If I do refund your money (at my discretion) I do not cover the Paypal fee if that is how you want it sent. I also do not reimburse shipping and Paypal charges. 

If you sent me models I’ll refund 50% of the retail cost or replace the models (new or good condition second hand) at my option; less the cost of shipping them back. 

Abandoned Models: If you do not pay for your models within three months of completion, and have not made arrangements for final payment, you will forfeit the models. The models will become my property in consideration of the balance due on the project. I am serious about getting paid within 30 days maximum! 

For a large project ($200+) there might be a delay of refund while I find a buyer. This delay could be as long as thirty days or possibly longer depending on the size of the project.

E - Payment: 
I accept payments through Paypal, personal checks or Money Order. You can pay with a credit card through Paypal at www.paypal.com Setting this up is as easy as any credit card checkout on a typical website. 

Paypal should be sent to: jkegley@socal.rr.com

If you send a MO/check in a package be sure it is in a large and/or brightly marked envelope on the top. You will get an email confirmation of receipt of a MO/check. If you get a confirmation of receipt of models, but not of payment, please contact us right away. 

Make Money Orders or Checks out to Jerry Kegley. 

The whole cost of the completed project must be settled before models are shipped from me to you. This includes shipping costs (see below under “Shipping”). 

I have insurance that covers the value of your models while they are in my care. Once I hand the models over to a shipper or the USPS it’s out of my jurisdiction. I will be glad to insure projects if this is requested in the Notes section of the final Paypal payment. The rate is $1.00 per $100 of insurance. USPS will only cover the wholesale value of the figures plus minimum wage for time spent on value-added service (painting and assembly). 

Colonel Winky's Warriors (CWW) and Jerry Kegley are not liable for what happens with the models after you get them. You assume all risk of owning and handling the models. You agree to hold Colonel Winky's Warriors (CWW) and Jerry Kegley  harmless. By using my service you are agreeing to this. 

I offer no guarantee, express or implied. Any remedy is at my discretion. 

F - Shipping:
This is the necessary evil in the business world and yes it is expensive, so I can not stress this enough; Please take into account the cost to ship your figures both ways before you ask me to consider a commission. 

Shipping Type (my default is USPS Priority)

 Prices listed below are as of 05/23/19 and are subject to change, client will be responsible to pay current charges as they apply.  

Small Flat Rate Box

Domestic Rate: $7.90 at the Post Office™

International Rate: Cost varies by destination.

Size: 8 5/8" x 5 3/8" x 1 5/8" 

Will hold about six to ten 30mm individual man sized figures. 

Medium Flat Rate Box

Domestic Rate: $14.35 at the Post Office™

International Rate: Cost varies by destination. maximum weight 20 pounds.

Size:11" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"

Large Flat Rate Box

Domestic Rate: $19.95 at the Post Office™

International Rate: Cost varies by destination. maximum weight 20 pounds.

Size:12" x 12" x 5 1/2"

Insurance is optional and is $1 per $100 of insurance. Request for insurance must be in the Notes of the final Paypal payment. 

Clients outside the continental US pay actual insurance costs. Please contact Blue Table for details. The client will need to handle all claims. Request for insurance must be in the Notes of the final Paypal payment. 

If you send your models in an army transport, we may send them back in the army transport. This is not always the best way, but it is prohibitively expensive to send the models packed separately with the case on the side. So, we might charge extra for that. We prefer that you not send cases. 

Client outside the US are strongly advised to find out the rates for import taxes before ordering. CWW is not responsible for these costs.

The objective of packing is that the models arrive in a timely fashion to the correct client with no breakage. 

I take the utmost care in packing models for transit. individual figures are put into plastic envelopes and bubble wrapped for their protection. Boxes are filled with bubble wrap or popcorn or a combination of both.  

Large, fragile, or unusual models are mummified in tissue. 

Regular infantry models can be rolled in bubble wrap like a burrito   

The packer will have feedback from the client passed on. 

We cannot accept liability for goods damaged in transit. You are purchasing services from two different entities: Colonel Winky's Warriors for your materials and service; USPS to get your package to you in reasonable condition. If your package is abused en route that's an issue to take up with the USPS. 

Onerous Shipping: 
I reserve the right to cancel an order (with a refund) if the shipping to a foreign country turns out to be an onerous or an unusually high amount. 

Terms and Conditions
Miniature painting is a unique endeavor, because of the custom nature of what I do, I have very exact policies.  

I ask for half payment (50% of the total project cost) down before starting any project. This is a retainer and dedicates you to the completion of the project. You are making a commitment to see the project through and not back out for any reason.  

The buck stops here! There are no monetary refunds except at the discretion of Colonel Winky's Warriors (CWW). I am willing under certain circumstances to touch-up a project or possibly give a credit. 

All sales are final to out-of-country clients. Take a good look at the pictures (the quality of what you see is what you get). Once a project reaches customs there are no returns! I can't be held accountable after that. This does not imply that I won't be willing to work with you, it just means I'm not obligated to do so.